A safety device that helps women in emergency situations



· In Mexico, 74% of the population feels insecure*.

In this context women are a very vulnerable group, everyday, women face the threat of harassment, assault, and violence.
In Mexico you can commonly hear stories of violence against women, everyday .

Our challenge is to  deliver real time emergency support and give confidence back to women during their common activities cycle, for example when a girl goes early for running or when a single mom walking late home at night after work, or maybe when a women stay up late for a night out having fun.


TipBuzz is a wearable safety device that helps people in emergency situations connecting them remotely with a twentyfour hour support network, making it a hardware as a service solution.
Unlike other personal safety devices and solutions TipBuzz sends emergency alerts without unlocking your phone to an emergency professionals call center.


A multiplatform network service that consists of 3 components:
· Discreet, wearable device.
· TipBuzz mobile app (iOS and Android) with robust backend services. 
· 24/7 Reliable Monitoring Team.

TipBuzz is a Trojan horse that represents something larger, it represents Hardware as a service, not only a new product but a whole new digital platform that is  recording valuable data to create an end to end solution in constant evolution



We identified new opportunities to develop viable innovations in this project.

Network: Through a professional emergency call center we connect with different public emergency services and organizations to support our users in unexpected situations, this does not exists in Mexico.

Product System: TipBuzz is a platform service of connected devices for personal safety on the go.


TIPBUZZ keeps you safe at all times and connected in case of emergency.
Introducing TIPBUZZ Support: 24/7  personal safety at the press of a button, a highly skilled team ready to get you help when you need it. 

If you find yourself in a threatening situation, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. TIPBUZZ instantly sends a text message to your loved ones with your location.

 TIPBUZZ can be worn as a necklace, clipped to your pocket or belt, or discreetly stored in your bag. A portion of each sale will be donated by the company towards the education on how to decrease violence.


Simply pair your TIPBUZZ with the TIPBUZZ app to build out your personal profile.



We have come a long way, at this point our team have completed the design and engineering phases each concluded with a prototype.
So now we have an engineering prototype that works but does not look good and a design prototype that looks great but does not work.

Our next step is enter the last product development phase also it’s time to make final optimizations in costs and performance.

When it comes to hardware startups, we are in the early days of what’s possible, and the truth is, it’s never been easier.