Interactive story telling to honor the past and inspire the future.

RANDOM INTERACTIVE was commissioned to create three interactive and innovative pieces as a tribute and to honor military men and women in Mexico.

Within a month we worked to design and deliver a state of the art visitor experience that takes people from visiting to participate.

A beautiful installation made of  interactive and very attractive high speed flip dot display that shows real time information about the Mexican Army more recent achievements,
the sound of the flip dots changing offers visitors a data driven sense instantly.

Mail Attachment.jpeg

We also designed three interactive media towers to show past and present of  the Mexican Army, Navy and Air Forces, visitors can
control this 15 feet tall displays that show movies, images,  text and info graphic content with a single touch.


This interactive pieces are connected to a flexible and easy to use, custom content management system, so  museum can log onto an intranet and modify their respective content areas.


 Finally we developed a motion detection technology art piece experience to present Navy, Air Force and Army ranks and uniforms that includes 3D modeled avatars that recognize 
human movement so they can be controlled by visitors´ body gestures and postures. 

Behind the scenes of the creation and design of this immersive media experiences, the RANDOM team worked day and night to code large amounts of information to deliver this three challenges at the same time.